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          Professional Careers

          This is our passion

          At Airstream, we’re proud to play a role in bringing our customers’ travel dreams to life. To help them make memories they’ll always carry with them, wherever they roam. To keep alive a legacy 80 years in the making. Each day, we put our heads together to move this iconic brand forward. And we’re always in search of people just as passionate as we are about the work we’re doing.

          Competitive benefits and beyond

          Working at Airstream means you’ll become part of a long legacy of innovation and big ideas. And it means you’re surrounded by a team who goes out of their way to do the best work possible, every single&nbsp;day.

          Stewards of an American Icon? ? ?Join the Team

          We offer our employees:

          Opportunity to grow with the company

          Forward-thinking environment

          Competitive salary

          Health insurance

          401k plans

          Paid vacation and holidays

          We all work in the factory

          Our professional offices are right above the production line inside our headquarters. That means every morning, we walk in through the factory floor and see Airstreams being made. It means we can hear the rivets going into the aluminum. And it means we feel even more connected to the product we make.