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          Nest Spotlight Video

          Get a closer look at the Nest, both inside and out – from the appliances and technology to the sleeping space and bathroom.

          Airstream Travel Trailer table drinking

          Air Conditioning and Heating

          Staying comfortable is one of the most important parts of having a great camping trip. That’s why Nest is equipped with both air conditioning and heating systems. Adjust the temperature to create an indoor environment that feels just right for you. Time to clean up? Nest also features a continuous hot water heater for relaxing showers.

          Nest by Airstream bluetooth lights how to

          Bluetooth?-Controlled Lights

          Adjusting the LED lights in your Nest by Airstream? Travel Trailer is as easy as a swipe or a tap on your smartphone or tablet. An easy-to-use app gives you total control of the light levels, including the ability to turn all the lights on or off and even adjust the colors anytime you’re within Bluetooth range. It’s just one more thoughtful touch that makes every camping experience that much more enjoyable.

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